How To Clean Windows

Learning how to clean windows consists of mastering three main steps.

Step 1 - With a simple homemade window cleaner consisting of dish washing soap and water, scrub all dirt and debris from the glass using a window scrubber/strip washer.

If the scrubber cannot remove certain debris such as paint or caked on bug spots, a window scraper may be needed. Note: only use scrapers on non-tempered glass. See window scraping

window cleaning step 1

Step 2 - Make sure the entire window is wet with your window cleaning solution. Then run the squeegee from one starting point/edge and finish by ending at the opposite side of the window without stopping. Make sure to apply just enough angle and pressure so that the squeegee does not chatter against the window. 

If the window is larger than the squeegee, make one pass starting at the top then a second pass under and so on until you reach the bottom.

window cleaning step 2

Step 3 - Use a lint free towel to dry any left over water from around the edges of the glass.

Window Cleaning Step 3

Learning How To Clean Windows

Ray Croskrey

My name is Ray Croskrey, and I’ve been cleaning windows professionally for almost two decades. I am dedicating my spare time to building Do-It-Yourself Window Cleaning Tips where you will learn all about how to clean windows correctly.

This is a free website that is geared toward helping the do-it-yourself home owner and those looking to start a window cleaning business of their own.

Here is where you will be able to ask questions and gather all the information needed to master the art of cleaning windows all in one place.

If you are thinking about a window cleaning business and are afraid to get your feet wet then I would recommend reading this page: How To Start A Window Cleaning Business

Remember:If you need some extra help check out the window cleaning troubleshooting guide or window cleaning tips

Clean Windows

Learning how to produce perfectly clean windows starts with the basic window cleaning tools such as: window squeegee, scrubbing wands/strip washers, window scrapers & blades, poles, window cleaning towels, tool belts, and special window cleaning soaps and Chemicals. 

Believe me when I tell you window cleaning isn’t rocket science – If you can clean the rest of your house, you can learn how to clean windows. All it takes is acquiring the right tools, the right information, and learning a few basic window cleaning techniques.

How To Clean Windows
Using The Right Tools

When it comes to cleaning windows properly, the first and most important items you will need are the right Window Cleaning Tools such as the ones mentioned above. There cannot be any exceptions. There is a reason professional window cleaners do not use news papers and the blue "glass cleaner" that you can buy at the grocery store.

The right tools alone can make or break a window cleaning job. Too often I see people using beat-up squeegees, grandma’s homemade window cleaning solution, newspapers, paper towels, vinegar, and so on.

Window cleaning should not be drudgery! In fact, with the right tools, it can be a relaxing and enjoyable activity!

How To Clean Windows

Anything worthwhile takes patience and practice to learn.Window Cleaning Techniques take some time to master, but once you acquire the necessary information and a little practice, walaa! you will have the cleanest windows in your neighborhood. And don't worry, if you mess up then just adjust your technique and try again. Even seasoned pro's mess up from time to time and will have to redo a window or two.

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