Window Cleaning Journal

Welcome to the window cleaning journal. Below you will find the list of my window cleaning journal entries.

Window cleaners including myself have many tricks up our sleeves when it comes to difficult window cleaning situations that we face on a daily basis.

I have taken the time to put together a journal of events and situations that I have run into during my day to day window cleaning business operations that I think you will benefit from. These window cleaning tips and tricks have either been taught to me from other window cleaners or have been learned by myself from trial and err.

As I go about my window cleaning work each day I will try to take pictures and make notes about unique situations and post them to the journal so that hopefully it will help you in your window cleaning adventures.

Some of the challenging situations that are faced on a regular basis are: ladder positioning for hard to get windows and windows that have bushes and shrubbery in front of them. Then there are things like dealing with worn screens, broken window blinds, removable window grids, icy roofs and drives ways, slippery wood shake roofs, and the list goes on.

Window cleaners not only have to know how to clean windows with perfection but knowing about some of the hidden and unexpected challenges that may be presented will only make things run smoother especially if you are aware of them ahead of time. 

Cleaning Windows Behind Bushes

Cleaning windows that are blocked by bushes and shrubs can be a real challenge. Here is a trick that works wonders.