BB Hole In Window

by Sara Welch
(Bend, OR)

My son shot our living room window with a BB gun. It left a nice little round hole in the glass. Can this be repaired or is it going to be a new window?

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BB Gun Hole In Window
by: Jack Hohn

I have seen BB gun holes in windows that have been covered with clear packing tape or even filled with clear silicone or epoxy resins. You might want to do this as soon as possible if you don't plan on replacing the window right away because there is a good chance that water or moisture will seep in through the hole. Another thing to keep in mind is this: even if the hole is filled, the windows structural integrity has been compromised making it dangerous. Meaning that if any large vibrations or solid objects such as rocks, balls, birds, etc. come in contact with the glass, it could cause the entire window to break or shatter.

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