by Jon Leavens
(Boise, Idaho)

My window has a broken window seal that has let a lot of moisture in between the panes of glass. It has a hazy look and I can barely see through it. Is there anyway to fix this or do I have to replace the window.

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Window Seal
by: Ray Croskrey

Personally I would just replace the window with a brand-new one. Although, I am seeing more ads from companies offering a service claiming they can take the fog/moisture out and prevent it from happening again for a fraction of the cost. I have not personally seen this done nor have I spoken with anyone that has had their windows repaired this way.

I guess if money was the issue and the cost to repair was truly a fraction of the price and it was going to last for years to come it might not be a bad option to try.

Here is a demonstration I found on You Tube. (I do not have any affiliation with this company.)

If anyone has had any experience with this repair please leave a comment.

broken window seals
by: David Russell

I had this happen to 4 of my south facing windows about a year ago. I decided to have them replaced which was not cheap. After doing a little research I've learned that failing window seals are usually a symptom of old age. This happens to double paned insulated glass windows when the window unit is heated and cooled by natural internal and external temperatures. The pressure in between the panes of glass swell and contract. Over time this causes the window seals to fail. The now failed window seals allow moisture to enter in-between the panes of glass which can lead to condensation. It will usually look misty, foggy/hazy,dirty,streaky, and you may even see tiny water droplets.

Moisture Removal in Failed Insulated Windows
by: Dan Frey

I founded a company called The Glass Guru back in 2004 that has since grown to an international franchise network of 51 active service locations in North America. We are full service glass shops offering everything from small repairs to whole homes of replacement and window and doors but offering moisture removal has played a big role in our growth.

We offer a process that involves drilling small holes in the corner of the window, spaying cleaners between the panes then draining those solutions from the sealed unit. The key to the process is the installation of our patent-pending MicroVents which allows the remaining moisture to evaporate out and then keeps the window equalized and moisture free. We guarantee the repair for 10 years and the typical cost is roughly half compared to new glass.

Starting around $10/sq ft the average window would cost around $100 to be fixed compared to around $200 for replacement. In 6 years of offering this service we have had over a 95% success rate getting the glass dry and clear again. Going from wet to dry recovers much of the insulation that is lost due to the failure.

We quote dozens of windows every day across the country for this service and from what we have seen, if the window is fixable with the process, 9 out of 10 people would prefer to go that route. More information is available at our website .

Failed Window Seal - Questions
by: Anonymous

If the problem is that the seals have failed allowing moisture in between the double panes, how does this fix the problem of seals failure? Won't moisture continue to leak in through the failed seals? And what will cause the moisture to leak out?

Window Seal - One Way Valve
by: Jon

That is a good question. It is to my understanding that a couple of one way valves are installed. If new moisture is drawn inside the windows through the broken seal it will be released through the valve some how. Maybe due to pressure build up inside the window?

Broken Window Seals
by: Anonymous

Broken window seals do not happen to old windows. I see this on all the windows that are new construction everywhere in Louisiana. Homes that are only 1, 2, 3+ years old and on expensive homes also. So this problem cannot just be the fault of the window but of the installation, don't you think? This is true since about 1985 and no price home is exempt from this. This is an expensive fix and waste of time of the installer. The homeowner doesn't notice they have broken window seals as the "fog" creeps in slowly and by the time it is unsightly, the Louisiana Home Warranty on new construction has ended. When the home goes to sell, the homeowner doesn't want to pay for the window replacement because it's not his fault and the buyer doesn't want to pay for a house that has defective windows. Thank you window installers for doing such a poor job - and thank you also window companies (if your product is indeed the defect).

broken window seals

It's true, I'm seeing more and more broken window seals even on the windows that are only a couple of years old. I think the windows that look the worst are the newer low E. When the moisture is let in it oxidizes the metal fill/coating causing it to change colors like purple, blue, gold etc. The picture shown here is a double pane low e coated window that has a broken seal. You can see how the low e coating has oxidized.

Triple Pane Windows
by: rick

I have triple pane windows how to deal with that?

replace it
by: Anonymous

Your only option is to replace the window.

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