Cleaning Apartment Windows

by Jenifer Puett

Should cleaning apartment windows be my responsibility?

I have been renting and living in my apartment for about five years now. I am in the process of moving to another state and part of the rental agreement is that the apartment has to be cleaned in order to get my security deposit back. I cleaned everything including the windows thinking that I didn’t even have too. Then upon inspection, the building supervisor said that my window cleaning job was not good enough and that I should consider hiring a professional window cleaner. Professional window cleaners are expensive and I simply can’t afford the extra expense. I nearly spent two hours cleaning windows inside and out and do not have time to do it again. I know that I’m not a professional but the windows all looked cleaner than they did. Seriously, is it really my responsibility to have the windows professionally cleaned?

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Apartment Window Cleaning
by: Jon Huston

I have rented my entire life and not once did I ever come across a place that apartment window cleaning was part of the contract. In fact one apartment building I lived in had the outside of the windows cleaned twice a year. None of the tenants paid a dime for the window cleaning. My suggestion is to take a look at the original rental contract to see if it requires you to have a professional clean the windows before you are allowed your deposit back. I have had contracts that stated that the carpets and drapes needed to be professionally cleaned which I had to turn in a copy of the receipts before getting my deposit back. I knew this before I ever moved in. If your contract doesn’t say anything about professional window cleaning then I would not worry about it. If everything else passes the inspection then you should demand the deposit back.

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