Cleaning Car Windows

by Mindy Ogle

I hate cleaning car windows the most. Cleaning the windows in my house is one thing but the car...... ug.

I've tried using my squeegee but it just doesn't fit the car windows so I just revert to the standard Windex and paper towel method only to get streaks. The inside is always the worse. Don't know if it's just the type of glass or what.

Do you use the same method when cleaning car windows as you do house windows?

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Cleaning Car Windows
by: Ray Croskrey

Cleaning car windows can be difficult especially when it comes to the windshield and back window because of the curved glass and closeness of the dashboards. It also seems like a film always forms on the inside of the front windshield. I’ve heard a few different ideas as to where this oily film comes from such as: oil misting up from the fan inside the heater, the radiator or chemicals that evaporate from the plastics in the dash board itself. What ever it is, it’s a pain trying to clean it up.

In the past when cleaning car windows, I’ve used a smaller squeegee, (about an 8” or so) the blue surgical towels and foaming spray cleaning product called Sprayway. I like to spray the glass with a good amount of Sprayway, do an initial scrub with a blue towel, re-spray with the cleaner and then finish with the squeegee touching up any missed spots with a dry blue towel.

The only problem is that if you have limited experience using squeegees it can be difficult. And sometimes the squeegee will still not fit at the lower part of the window where the dash meets.

I did find a promising product just for cleaning car windows called invisible glass. I think if you used the invisible glass tool with the Sprayway you might get better results when cleaning car windows.

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