Cleaning Car Windows

by michael

I have been trying to clean my car windows for two years.

I had my car cleaned at one of these car wash places at the rear of a petrol station. Usual thing, they jet wash the out side then polish the dash and clean the car windows. Every since then the windows smear very badly. It is worse in cold weather. I can clean the windows and it is good for one or two days then it comes back.

Here is a list of cleaners I have tried.

- Washing up liquid and water
- Mr Muscle Window Cleaner
- Ajax Cream
- Autoglym Glass Polish
- Brake Cleaner
- Petrol
- Mentholated Spirit
- Alcohol Based Solvent
- Industrial solvent
- Back to Ajax Cream
- Mr Muscle again
- Domestic Steam Cleaner

Sometimes I have to clean the windows before I go out. I will have a meal and then have to clean the windows again before I drive back.

I have changed the window screen but then I had the car cleaned and they contaminated the screen again by using the same cloth they used on the side windows.

Any ideas would be great.

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cleaning car windows re.
by: George

First of all you shouldn't have taken it back to the cleaners after you replace the windscreen. But any way, cleaning car windows are hard enough let alone trying to do it when some stupid car cleaner put some kind of film on the windows. I would go to the car wash and find out what they are using to clean car windows with. Then I would contact the company to find out why it might be doing this and what products they recommend to get it off. Because most likely it is not a real window cleaner it is some kind of cheap solution they think works. It would be interesting to know if this is going on with others that have used the same cleaners.

Cleaning the car windows
by: Tim Fellows

I don't think it is what the cleaners are using to clean the car windows. I think it is a problem with the heater/blower in the car. Usually even if the heater/blow is turn all the way off it is still blowing a tiny bit. I had a car that had this same problem for years until the motor died. Every time I would clean the windows I would get a foggy film or layer on the window shortly after. I know it is annoying but I'm sure it was some kind of chemical being blown from the heater/blower. Just think the worst part is that I was breathing in this gunk all that time. One guy told me that it could be from the radiator.

Like you I tried every thing to clean my car windows. Even put some rain-x on it and in a few days it would still get the film. I hate cleaning car windows anyway especially the front wind shield do to the deep dash and curve of the glass so I know how frustrated it is for you.

Maybe you should take this car to a mechanic and see if they can detect any gasses or chemicals being blown from the heater/blower system.

Good Luck!

Hate Cleaning Car Windows
by: Julie T

I too hate cleaning car windows WITH A PASSION! When I do clean the windows though I find that the foaming spray cleaner in the spray cans (can't remember the brand name at this time) works the best. Just remember to keep all the doors open when spraying this stuff on the car windows because the initial fumes are bad to breath when in a small confined area like your car. Use one cloth (I like those microfiber clothes) to clean with then go back over with a new cloth and make sure you polish completely dry other wise you will see the swirl marks on the glass. Also do this on a cloudy or cool day if it is hot out forget it.

What is that crap on the inside of my windshield?
by: Anonymous

I agree with Tim Fellows - It's coming from the car itself. check out this post.

What is that crap on the inside of my windshield?

by: Anonymous

I asked the guys what they used to clean the windows with and they said they have been using the same window cleaner for years and clean 100 cars per day and I am the only one that has complained.

The wind screen is not too bad as it has been changed and only slightly contaminated. The side windows are now the worst. I just drove 120 miles and cleaned the side windows 3 times.

I have ordered 3 items from the internet and will look for the foam spray you suggest.

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