Cleaning Film Off Glass

Hi, we are a cleaning company and we have a doctors office we clean, we have never had this problem anywhere else. The glass must have some type of film on it from manufacturer, its the sliding panel glass at their front desk, No matter how we clean it, with what solution it leaves a film of swirls etc. Its awful, when the sun hits it shows all the swirls etc. Fingerprints everything seem magnified on it. Also they have frosted doors, from waiting room to back, what do we need to use on that? Their staff has also tried and was unsuccessful. They also have one panel of dark glass, same problem, shows all the swipe marks etc. Any idea what solution? We make our own of 1/2 c. amonia, 2 cups rubbing alcohol, 1 tsp dawn plus water to equal gallon. Have tried windex, and vinegar and water! Help!!!

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Cleaning Film Off Glass
by: Ray Croskrey

I find that roughly 3% of the time is has to do with the actual window itself, about 5% of the time it's the window cleaning solution and about 92% window cleaning tools & techniques. When you get all three correct you will end up with a perfectly clean looking window.

Although these statistics are usually the case it may not be the case for this situation. Without seeing the windows for myself I can only speculate from the information provided.

In general, there will always be specific windows that are more difficult to clean than others do to the position and angle they are located within the building. Windows that get direct sunlight almost always act like a petri dish under a magnify glass revealing any manufacturing defects and worst of all will show off any mistakes left behind from the window cleaner.

As far as inside office/admin partition and sliding windows, I've never run into this type of glass that had a film that could not be removed. I have encountered lots of oily finger prints, food, dust, paint over spray, etc. which have all been removable.

The thing that questions me the most about what you're explaining here is you say when the sun hits it shows all the swirls etc. If you are using a squeegee there should be no swirls unless it's an actual defect in the glass. If you are using a rag to wash and dry the window you will most likely always get swirl and steak marks no matter what type window cleaning solution you use. When the window gets hit by the direct sunlight any left over marks will most definitely show up.

I would start by wetting the window and scrubbing it with a product called Miracle Scrub made by Clean-X. (Follow directions on bottle) If there is a film or oily surface on the window this should remove it. Then I would scrub the window using a professional window scrubber along with my home made window cleaning solution. (It can be purchased on this site) You can also find great window cleaning soaps at most janitorial supply stores or on-line that work wonders as well. Then use a good quality window squeegee to remove the cleaning solution following the techniques demonstrated through out this site. Detail the edges of the glass with a good lint-free or micro fiber cloth.

Remember 92% of it is using the right window cleaning tools and techniques that give you success.

All the products mentioned above: Miracle Scrub, professional window scrubbers, squeegee, can all be purchased by clicking on the site map found on the tool bar on the left. Scroll down to tool store. You can also purchase my homemade solution that I use every day. Again, just click the secret solution tab on the left.

Cleaning oily film off windows
by: Frank Nierenberg

I like to use a product called oil flow when I'm cleaning oily film off windows. It also works good for the sticky residue left from tape and stickers. The only problem is that if your cleaning windows indoors you will want plenty of fresh air becasuse the stuff has a stong odor.

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