Cleaning Mirrors

by Rosemarie

I don't know what I am doing wrong when I'm cleaning mirrors but the squeegee drags and screeches along the mirror and leaves marks. I have bought 3 new squeegees and all 3 give me the same result.

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Cleaning Mirrors
by: Ray Croskrey

Cleaning mirrors can be difficult sometimes. I find that the surface of the mirrors’ glass usually has a different texture to it than window glass. Because of the texture of the mirror’s glass, it tends to want to drag more when compared to cleaning window glass. When the squeegee drags it will make screeching sounds and will leave marks behind just as you explained in your post.

The main reasons for squeegee drag when cleaning mirrors may consist of the following.

1 – Not enough lubricant in the glass cleaning solution. If you are using an actual window cleaning soap, increase the concentration level. More soap in the mixture will help the squeegee glide across the mirror better. If you are trying to clean using a glass cleaner such as Windex I would recommend switching to a professional window cleaning soap or a proven Homemade Window Cleaner

2- Not enough window cleaning solution spread evenly over the entire mirror. Use a generous amount of cleaning solution and make sure it is applied evenly covering every peace of glass. This is accomplished best by using a window scrubber / strip washer. If any dry areas are present on the glass it will cause the squeegee to grab.

3- Not enough speed. Sometimes if you don’t move the squeegee fast enough across the mirror it will start to squeak and chatter thus leaving behind marks. The solution to this is just practice. Try improving on your speed.

3- Too much pressure. I find that when cleaning mirrors less pressure and more speed is the key. Just loosen up a little the natural pressure of the squeegee up against the mirror is all that is needed.

4- Not having the right pitch of the handle and the right angle of the squeegee bar. This is better shown than explained. (See Video Below)

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