Cleaning Old Windows V.S. New Windows

by Spence Atkin - Clean Window Professionals

I thought I would write a quick article about a question that a customer of mine asked me. Is it easier to clean new windows or older windows? This is a hard question to answer in my opinion because there are so many different types of windows and all kinds of conditions the windows may have endured by the time someone decides it’s time to have them cleaned.

One might naturally think that the older the windows are, the harder they would be to clean. I can understand why this might be a thought if you were looking at an old window that is hard to see through due to the caked on layers of dirt, bug goo, water stains, etc. But then one might say that brand new windows are harder to clean because usually they get mucked up pretty good by the new construction mess.

So I guess it could go either way, both new or old windows can be equally difficult to clean, it just depends on the individual situations.

Ideally you would want to start with brand new windows. Once they were installed it would be wise to tape them off with plastic or cardboard to protect them during the construction process. After construction, you would want to clean them right away by either doing it yourself or hiring a professional window cleaner. Then if you kept the window cleaning job on a regular schedule say, once or twice a year, it would make the window cleaning easy every time. Then even as your windows start to put on a few years they will continue to still look like new. Cleaning windows regularly will help them to last and that is what you want as they are a major part of your home investment.

Now some of us may be in a position of buying a house that already has dirty old windows that haven’t been cleaned in ages. I would simply suggest doing the same thing I mentioned with the new windows. Take some time (yes you may need to put some elbow grease into it) and get them all cleaned up to par. Then make sure you clean them on a consistent time schedule.

So I think my final answer is that all windows will be hard to clean at first but if the cleaning is kept up, you will find it to be quite easy no matter how old the window is.

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