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Special care should be taken when it comes to cleaning tinted windows. It is typically recommended that after new tint is applied to the glass that you should always wait at least 20-30 days before cleaning. This way the film will have the proper time to bond with the glass.

To play it safe, I would advise talking to your installation specialist at the time of installation and find out exactly what they recommend for their brand.

Tools You Will Need

Spray Bottle

Two Soft Lint-Free Towels

Dish Soap

Clean Water

Squeegee (optional but recommended)

Stay away from cleaners that contain strong chemicals, especially ammonia. Certain chemicals found in cleaners can have a negative chemical reaction with the window film. A simple solution of clean water and dish soap will work just fine.

To avoid scratching the window tint, never use scrapers or abrasives such as paper towels, newspaper, scrubby pads, harsh sponges, etc. Always use clean super soft, lint-free towels.

Before cleaning any tinted windows, examined them closely. You will want to carefully remove large amounts of dust and any other foreign debris that may cause the window film to become scratched during the window cleaning process.

Do this by laying a towel at the foot of the window. Rinse the window liberally by using a spray bottle containing a solution of dish soap and water. Start from the top and work towards the bottom. Continue this process until all the dust and debris has been washed off. With the dust and debris gone, finish by lightly scrubbing and drying using soft lint-free towels.

If you are using a squeegee, make sure the rubber blade is soft, new and clean. Also when using a squeegee use caution, if any debris gets trapped under the squeegee it can leave a scratch mark all the way across the window film.

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