Cleaning Windows In The Rain

by Anthony
(Seattle, WA)

My question is, is it ok for cleaning windows in the rain? My window cleaner said that it was ok and that the rain would not mess up my windows. I wasn't sure about that and decided to cancel the window cleaning appointment anyway. What do you think?

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Cleaning Windows In The Rain
by: Ray Croskrey

I clean windows in the rain all the time. It has been my experience that the rain water does not mess up the windows. Many times I?ve been cleaning windows in nice whether and all of a sudden a rain cloud moves in and let?s loose into a down pour. 15 minutes later the sun comes out and the water evaporates off the glass and the windows look just as good as they did right after I cleaned them. If it?s been raining for days and I show up to a window cleaning job and it?s still raining, I tell my customers that if the windows look bad after it stops raining to call me and I will come back to touch them up. I never get any call backs so that tells me again that you can clean windows in the rain and still get good results.

Cleaning Windows in The Rain
by: ROY

The rain does not mess the windows up. It’s the wind and dirt that comes in contact with the glass.

clean windows in the rain
by: Ktle

I have been cleaning windows residential and commercial for 24 years. We live in Ohio where it rains at least 3 out of seven days a week. My experience says it's ok for all windows except windows close to the ground. I have battled with this dilemma for all 24 years. It's periods of dry days when dust builds up on surface (like molecules attract) then it rains and the windows become a mess.

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