Does Windex Outdoor Glass Cleaner Really Work?

by Jenn

Does Windex Outdoor Glass Cleaner Really Work?

I'm Thinking spring and was at Home Depot yesterday looking at the window cleaning supplies and saw a bottle of Windex Outdoor Glass Cleaner. This is the type that hooks directly up to a garden hose. It says that it contains a special sheeting action ingredient that leaves windows streak free and all you have to basically do it spray it on give it a rinse and let it dry. It also says that it is safe to use on outdoor furniture and will not hurt plants or animals.

Have you used the Windex Outdoor Glass Cleaner and if so what kind of results did you have and would you recommend it.

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Windex Outdoor Glass Cleaner Con's
by: Sam Duncon

If you are looking for an easy do it yourself spay on rinse off window cleaning solution such as the Windex glass and patio cleaner I have news for such thing is going to work.

The only thing that is close to that type of system is the filtered water-fed-brush system that profession window cleaners use. Note that I said filter and brush.

Most windows that need to be cleaned need to be scrubbed with a brush, sponge, rag, or something that will remove all the stuck on debris like bug spots, bird droppings, goo from trees, etc. Simply spraying a window cleaning solution onto your dirty windows and rinsing without some kind of agitation will not work.

Another reason a product like the outdoor Windex glass cleaner will not work is the quality of your water. If you just hook up to an outdoor garden hose most likely this water will contain some kind of ground minerals that will be left stuck to the glass after the water has dried. This is why professional window cleaners use an expensive filter system to remove these hard water elements which a home garden hose system does not do.

So all in all, unless you are using an expensive filtration system and are willing to scrub all the debris off with a water-fed-brush then you are wasting your time. You will be better off getting your self a good squeegee, a bucket of dish soap and scrubbing the heck out of the window and dry with the squeegee.

Here is a discussion link I found for people that have tried the Windex Outdoor Glass Cleaner.

Windex Oudoor Glass Patio Cleaner

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