Dry crusty film developed while cleaning windows

by Suzie
(Milwaukee, wi)

I have tinted windows on my RV. I was cleaning them with a Windex solution, and the window became very foggy because a dry film developed that you could scrape off. The window looks terrible. I tried just water with a little dish detergent and the crusty film got worse. Window looks cloudy. How do I fix this?

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Crusty Film On Tinted Windows
by: Ray

My best guess would be that there could have been a layer of grease mist on the tint if you do any cooking inside the RV. I see this happen when there is tinted windows in kitchens that get grease mist that settles on the tint. I would try cleaning them a few more times using warm water with a generous amount of concentrated Dawn dish soap. Use a 100% cotton cloth NOT paper towels. It it very hard to remove. Sometimes if the grease has set on the film for a long enough time it can have a negative affect on the tint and there will be nothing you can do but have it replaced.

If this is not the case then other idea's might be that the tint is old and starting to break down or it had an initial chemical reaction with another chemical such a ammonia or alcohol that was in the Windex cleaner You never want to use a hard chemical base cleaner on window film. It also simply may be a defective window film but I would probably most lean towards the cooking grease idea.

If washing with warm water and Dawn dish soap a few times doesn't work you might consider taking it to an auto tinting specialist and have them take a look at it.

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