Hiring Professional Window Cleaners

Hiring professional window cleaners can be a real treat. The first rule of thumb, don’t just hire anyone that calls themselves a professional window cleaner. You want to do some homework by asking questions and checking references. Below, is a list of questions to ask that will help you decide on whom to hire for your next window cleaning job.

Tip: When hiring professional window cleaners, try to hire an owner operator. When the business owner is the one doing the job, you will most likely get exactly what you expect, sometimes even more.

First Impressions

You can tell a lot about a window cleaning company by the way the person answers the phone. Do they sound friendly and professional? Do they answer all your questions?

Also one thing to keep in mind is that most owner operators are usually out on the job and may not be able to answer your phone call. Leave a message and then note how long it takes for them to return the call.

1- Find out how big the crew is and exactly who is going to be doing the actual work. How many years of experience do they have? (A one or two man crew with at least three years minimum experience is ideal.)

2- How long has the company been in business? (Look for someone that has been in business for no less than three years.)

3- Does the window cleaning company carry liability insurance?(Ask for a current copy of the policy. If an accident were to take place, you want it covered.)

4- Does the company have its own employee’s, or do they send out sub-contractors? (If they use subcontractors, make sure that they are legal subcontractors listed with the state, and that they also carry liability insurance. Request proof. You will also want to interview the individual subcontractor that will be doing the job. Ask them all the same questions.)

5- Does the company belong to a window cleaning association? (Being members of a recognized window cleaning association means they keep up to date on the latest trends in the window cleaning industry.)

6- Before hiring professional window cleaners, ask if you can get a list of references.(Call the references.)

7- Do they give free estimates? (I recommend that you get at least three estimates.) Try going with the medium to high prices for window cleaning. You usually get what you pay for. Just remember, you don’t want to pay for just a good window cleaning job. You want a competent professional that is going to do their best not to damage your property or windows and if an accident does happen you want them covered by insurance.

8- This is an important one. Ask if they know about cleaning tempered glass.(You do not want to end up with scratched windows.)

9- Do they offer first time customer discounts or any other specials?(Sometimes you can get great discounted rates in the off season. Contrary to one’s belief, winter is a great time to have your windows cleaned.)

10- Most professional window cleaners use the more economical hands on scrub and squeegee method while others use the automated filtered water fed pole system. The important thing is not so much the system they are using but that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the end results. No matter what kind of system the window cleaner chooses to use, if they have been properly trained they will produce outstanding results and they or their company will have no problem giving you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Tip: After your windows have been cleaned, personally inspect them yourself. This way, if any need to be touched up, it can be done while the window cleaner is still there.

Hiring Professional Window Cleaners

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