How Often Should I Have My Windows Cleaned?

We get asked this question all the time and there really is no proper answer as it depends on a range of factors really.

To begin with it all comes down to you and your personal choice, some people would have their windows cleaned every single day if they could or had the time to do it.

Others prefer to just have them cleaned once or twice a year however that isn't something I would personally recommend as we get lots of houses for a first clean that are badly stained from having dirt sat on them for too long that has now eaten into the frames. When this happens it means the only option is either restoration or in the worst case scenario, a complete replacement.

The rule of thumb is 4 weekly keeps your windows and frames constantly clean, where as every 8 weeks you will see them being noticeably dirty and as such cleaning them then will give you the biggest impact but still keep on top if it so there isn't chance for anything to stain or cause any damage.

Areas with lot's of overhanging or nearby trees we always suggest are done every 4 weeks because the sap, leaves and dust causes them to look dirty a lot quicker.

Hope this article has helped you make a decision on how often you should clean your windows.

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