How To Bid On Window Cleaning Jobs

by Pat

How do I bid window cleaning jobs? Is it by the size of window, how high the window is, hourly rates, etc.? What are some of the average prices?

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How to Bid on Window Cleaning Jobs
by: Ray Croskrey

There are a lot of factors to consider when figuring out how to bid on window cleaning jobs. Most professional window cleaners charge by the job but at the end of the day if you were to average a price per hour it can range anywhere from 25 dollars to 85 dollars an hour depending on your level of window cleaning experience, what you need to get to cover your business expenses, how difficult or dangerous the job was and how much competition is in your area etc.

Usually you can charge more for residential window cleaning than commercial window cleaning. Some window cleaners charge specifically by the hour, some by the window size and height. I would recommend doing a combination of the three and giving the prospective client a lump sum bid price.

It's hard to tell what the actual going rate for professional window cleaners is in your area as it is different everywhere. You will need to find that information out. Just ask what people are currently being charged for their window cleaning service and that should give you an idea. Just a tip: don't start off charging to little because down the road you will find that it's difficult to raise your prices when need be. I recommend bidding your window cleaning jobs a little high and then offer a first time customer discount that will expire at some point. When the customer gets to know you and likes your work they won't mind paying a higher price.

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