How to cut glass windows

I am looking for some advice on how to cut glass windows. I enclosed my back porch and would like to put in a couple of windows. A friend gave me some old single pane windows that are two big to fit. So I removed the frames and would like to cut them smaller and need direction on how to cut glass.


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How to cut glass window
by: Fredrick M

Here is a lay out of how to cut glass. First lay the glass on an absolute flat work bench or table. Place a straight edge across the glass where you would like it to be cut. Run a glass cutting tool (which you can purchase at any hardware store) across the glass following the straight edge. The glass cutting tool will not actually cut all the way through the glass it will only score the surface. Once the surface is scored, move the score line to the edge of your table. Then gently snap the overhanging edge downward and the glass should break in half along the score line.

Here is a good video showing exactly how to cut glass.

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