How To Expand Window Cleaning Business

by Jason

Hi, my name is Jason and I am trying to expand my window cleaning business... Right now I am located in a small town and I’m in need of some advice as to how to get the word out there.

I have tried flyers and bills posted on signs and telephone posts, I even paid three kids to pass out flyers (which they just dumped into the gutter...)

I have an ad in the phone book, and after 3 months, not a single call.

I have a few clients who pay well, but I’m trying to find a way to advertise and get more clients, as I am making enough to live, just not enough to expand my window cleaning business and possibly generate more profit from it.

I know this is a lot to ask, as you are already a successful businessman with a successful business of your own. I am just curious as to what forms of advertisement have worked for you? I can't seem to find one that suits this town or me.

Thanks for your time and consideration,


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How To Expand Window Cleaning Business
by: Ray Croskrey

What forms of advertisement have worked for me that has helped to expand my window cleaning business?

It was a combination of my yellow page ad, door to door flyers and most of all word of mouth.

Never be afraid to ask existing customers if they know of anyone that would like to use your services. Also give existing customers extra business cards to pass out. If they are happy with your work they will do it. Give customer discounts during the slow times. Also keep in mind that it usually takes 3 to 5 years to build a successful window cleaning business.

Building a successful window cleaning business or any business for that matter has many factors to consider. Here are some questions that you might want to focus on:

What size and how well is your yellow page ad designed?

Does your advertising stand out from the rest?

What is the population and economic situation of your area?

What is the demand for your service?

How much competition is in your area?

How much are you charging for your services?

Is your personal confidence level where it needs to be?

How good are you at selling your services?

Just remember - The success of any new window cleaning business is maintaining a great attitude along with steady and constant persistence.

Helpful Window Cleaning business Tips
by: Anonymous

I have a window cleaning company and it does take time to build your client base but afterwards you don't have to advertise anymore unlike other businesses. A very important component is retaining your current customers. Follow up regularly. Other than that word of mouth is the best way and customer referrals. If you do a good job and are reliable most people will go out of their way to help you. Also consider adding other services. Gutter Cleaning and Power Washing goes well with a window cleaning company. I bought my first PW for about $300 and have made thousands with it. You can get reliable power washers at Home Depot starting around $250.

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