Ideal window cleaning solution

by Ryan Jacobson
(Everett , WA)

alderwood biz center

alderwood biz center

What is the ideal window cleaning solution? Co-workers tell me it's Glass Gleam, others tell me it's Joy dish washing soap, and the majority of the other window cleaners tell me its Dawn dish washing soap. Personally I like Dawn dish soap for cleaning windows because it carries a lot of soap suds while delivering a smoother glide while cleaning the glass. Although I notice with the straight Dawn, its has a lot more clean up after cleaning the window, so now I am experimenting with a new mix which is half Joy and half Dawn. When I use this window cleaning mix I notice that it has less clean up and just the right amount of soap suds for a good squeegee glide while leaving the window looking perfect!

Anyways, I would love to hear your thoughts let me know what you think.

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Hanford, CA
by: Jim Evans

My business partner and I have been cleaning windows for about 14 years and we have experimented with all types of window cleaning soaps and recipes. I recently read on-line that a lady made a window cleaning solution out of black tea. Umm ok, I doubt that I will give that one a try but if it works for her that’s great. So the question is - What is the right window cleaning solution? The answer - Use whatever works the best for you.

In my opinion the best window cleaning solution is the kind we make using concentrated Dawn dish soap mixed with soft water. We get our water from a soft water system that is run into our shop. The soap/water mix ratio depends on how dirty the windows are at the time of cleaning. For example: If we are doing regular rout work that only requires cleaning normal dust off the windows then we use about one teaspoon of soap per gallon of water. If we are cleaning windows that have not been cleaned in years, or have lots of grease and grime we might increase the soap amount up to three tablespoons per gallon.

If I had to choose a commercial window cleaning soap it would probably be Glass Gleam 3, by Titan Labs. This soap is a little less sudsy but still offers a good glide for the squeegee. We used this for years before using the dawn dish soap. The reason we switched to Dawn is because one day we ran out of Glass Gleam so I ran and picked up a bottle of Dawn. We found that it worked great. Not only did it work great but it ended up being a little cheaper and we could conveniently buy it almost anywhere.

If you are just starting out I would recommend experimenting with a few different commercially produced window cleaning soaps and then try using Dawn. This way you will have a feel of how both works. And you can also look up the black tea window cleaning recipe and give that a try if your heart so desires.

Glass Gleam Vs. Dawn
by: Anonymous

When I first started out, I was using Dawn and Joy. However, GG4 definitely leaves windows much shinier and windows do stay cleaner a lot longer. GG4 does not have much glide and on hot days it dries too fast, making it tough to do windows. I also find that GG4 also requires less detailing and does not bleed.

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