Janitorial Commercial Cleaning Jobs

by Jerry Morris

I’ve been providing window cleaning service for a commercial office building for about five years now. Recently the building manager approached me and said that the guy providing the janitorial service for the office is retiring.

They asked me if I was interested in taking on the janitorial cleaning in addition to my window cleaning service. Since business has slowed a bit I could use the extra work. My questions are: How should I go about figuring a price for the office cleaning portion and should I give them a discount because I will be providing two services? I’m just not sure how to bid janitorial cleaning jobs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Bidding Commercial Cleaning Jobs
by: Jack Mouler

Here are my thoughts about bidding commercial cleaning jobs. On your mind should be a commercial cleaning contract, I can’t state this enough. It seems that when it comes to private or commercial cleaning jobs, everyone has a different idea about what and how things should get done. Always ask specific questions about what the last cleaner’s duties were and if there are any changes they would like to see.

Bring a notebook and do a complete walk through of the office building with the office manager. Take good specific notes because this is what you will refer to when building your commercial cleaning contract.

When bidding commercial cleaning jobs, here are some questions I always ask myself or the manager:

How long will it take me to complete each specific cleaning task?

Will I be supplying the cleaning products or will they? (If you are it needs to be added into the price)

Will you be using their equipment such as: vacuum cleaners, floor buffers etc.? (Again, if you have to use your own equipment a small amount should be added for that as well because your cleaning equipment will need servicing or replacement at some point)

The main thing is to not be afraid to ask any questions about any part of the cleaning jobs. The more clearer and specific you make your contract the better. This will eliminate the "he said she said" aspects and miscommunications later down the road.

Then as far as discounts go - I would save this for last. First calculate all your business expenses including time and how much money you want to make. This will give you an idea if there is room for a discount.

I think you are better off bidding for the amount you will be happy with instead of trying to give your client a good deal. If you give them too good of a deal your prices may end up being at a low enough level that will make you unhappy and eventually the quality of your work will diminish as time goes.

Good Luck!

how to bid janitorial or commercial cleaning jobs
by: JackPalich

Here is an interesting video talking about how to bid janitorial or commercial cleaning jobs.

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