LCD Screen Cleaning.

What solution can I use to clean my Samsung LCD TV Screen? I have the "soft cloth" that came with it- but there are some stains that won't come off. I used/risked some Windex... and it worked fairly well. There still seems to be a "film" left.

Thanks in advance for ANY advice!!

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LCD Screen Cleaning
by: Ray Croskrey

I would first check with your local electronic dealer because I'm sure they make a special cloth and cleaning solution for LCD screens. Other wise this is what I would do. I would first blow any dust off the LCD screen with compressed canned air. (The same type that is used for computers) Then I would use eye glass cleaner that is safe for plastic lenses. Spray the cleaner onto a clean micro fiber cloth first, (do not spray cleaner directly onto the screen) then gently wipe the screen. If there is a film you may have to repeat the process until it comes clean.

How To Clean an LCD Screen
by: Anonymous

Video on how to clean an LCD screen using common house hold products.

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