Patio Screen Cleaning

by Jim N.
(Ft Lauderdale)

I just moved into a new condo and would like some advice on patio screen cleaning. The problem is that I live on the 5th floor and the patio screen wraps all the way around. The screen is only about 3 months old and is already dirty, especially the outer side. I’ve spoken with a couple of people and it seems that they aren’t quit sure how it should be cleaned. I guess my question is this – Do you have any idea how I could reach the outer side of the patio screen to clean it?

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Cleaning Patio Screen

Here is my first idea for cleaning patio screen. You could try filling a bucket with hot water then, add a generous amount of dish washing soap to the water. Using a brush, scrub the entire inside of the screen. The bristles from the brush may force the soapy water through the patio screen onto the outer surface. Then hook up a garden hose (you might have to hook one up to your kitchen sink and run it out onto the patio) and force pray the screen. This might wash off a good deal of the outer side of the screen as well. Just warn your neighbors below.

Another idea would be to use a motor lift that will get you up there so that the outside of the screen can be scrubbed directly with the soap and water. A lift could be rented or maybe you could find a larger window cleaning company that might have access to one and would do it for you.

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