removing acid from windows

After the bricks on the house were sprayed with acid, the windows were splashed with the acid and it has dried. How do I safely remove acid from windows?

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Removing Acid From Windows
by: Ray Croskrey

My first question would be – Did a private contractor do this? If the answer is yes, then they would be the ones responsible. We are talking about acid here. I am not sure how caustic this acid is but from my experience anytime I have seen acid that has been sprayed on or that has run down on a window it ended up permanently damaged. Acid will eat into the surface of the glass and the only way that it can be fixed is by replacing the glass or maybe hiring a professional glass restoration company .

If this is some kind of special acid that didn’t eat into the glass and only left a residue then you might try using a product called Sani Scrub. Follow the directions on the bottle. After scrubbing with the Sani Scrub then rinse the window with soap and water using a window scrubber and squeegee.

If this does not scrub off with Sani Scrub than I’m sure the glass is damaged and who ever sprayed the acid on the glass will have to pay for it.

Hop this helps.

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