Removing Hard Water Build Up

by Ray Croskrey

Here is a write up and pictures on removing hard water build up. As you can kind of see, this is a window located in a basement that had years of hard water build up from the sprinklers constantly hitting it. I had to use a combination of spraying the glass with Mineral X and then scraping with a professional window scraper. I first did a small 2 inch section on the upper right hand side of the window to make sure that the scraper would not damage the glass.

As you can see with the pictures I cleaned in three sections at a time. This took some work to completely remove all the calcium but as you can see the window turned out great. Luckily the calcium build up was just a thick hard layer and had not etched into the pores of the glass. If this had been the case an electric polisher would have been used to restore it back to normal. After I was finished removing the mineral build up I then sealed the glass with a sealer to help keep this from happening again.

Here is a link to the tool store that has the Mineral X, scraper and sealer that I used to do the job.

Tool Store - Mineral Deposit Removal

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