Removing Tree Sap From Windows

by Mary-Lou Gray
(RR#1 Tecumseh,Ontario, Canda)

What is the best thing to use when removing tree sap from windows? There is also spider spray on the window to. We have tried everything but know one seems to get the spider spray chemical off or the tree sap. This is at the top off my bay window on the kitchen.

Thank you

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Cleaning Tree Sap Off Windows
by: Ray Croskrey

When it comes to removing tree sap from windows, I would start out by trying an automotive bug and tar remover. This can be applied when the sap is at its warmest point. Just follow the directions on the bottle. If the sap comes off, then rinse the window with hot soapy water and dry using a professional window squeegee.

If this does not work then I generally find that if you wait until the out side air temperature is at its lowest (usually early in the morning before the sun is completely up) the sap will be hard and can be removed with a professional window cleaning razor scraper. I would wet the glass with very cold soapy water and then gently scrape off the tree sap. The spider spray should come off with it as well.

The only thing that concerns me though is that it is a kitchen bay window. Usually these windows are made of tempered glass. Some tempered glass contains tiny almost microscopic raised particles from the manufacturing process that will come off during scrapping. This will leave small scratches in the glass.

If you decide to use a scraper, only use a professional window cleaning scraper and test a small corner first.

For more on window scraping go to this link:

I hope this helps and do let me know what kind of results you get. If you have no luck we can try something different.

Oil Flo Works the best and safest
by: Anonymous

I use Oil Flo as that will safely dissolve any organic material including adhesive glues, tapes, or sap from windows without damaging IG Seals. I have used this many times to remove sap and it works great.

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