Scrubbing a Window

Here you will learn techniques for scrubbing a window. The techniques discussed here will work with whatever type of window scrubbing tools you have chosen to use.

First, mix up your homemade window cleaner and fill your window cleaning bucket. Then place your scrubbing tool inside the bucket.

If the window is super dirty you will want to give it a pre-wash. Using your scrubber or a natural sponge, soak the entire window. Then use your squeegee to remove the dirty water.

After all the loose dirt and grime is removed you want to look for pre-existing conditions that may have been hidden by the dirt. Look for things like scratches, cracks, chips, hard water spots, paint, stucco, silicone, cement, etc. This will give you a good idea of how hard to scrub, or whether or not you will need to use a window scraper.

Tip: Start cleaning the dirtiest side of the window first. Usually it is the outside.

Now wet the window again and begin to scrub. If you discovered debris that needs to be removed with a scraper then you will want to see the page on window scraping. Otherwise you can continue as follows.

When scrubbing a window, start with the edges. Scrub back and forth, up and down along each edge. Then, start scrubbing from the top and work your way down to the bottom using small circular motions. Use caution when pressing on any glass. Windows can take quite a bit of pressure, but if the glass is thin or the integrity has been weakened due to deep scratches or cracks, it could break.

Again, if you find that there is debris that will not come off with normal scrubbing, you may have to use chemicals/solvents or a window scraper. If you are cleaning non tempered glass, a window scraper is usually safe to use and will remove 98% of all stubborn debris.

Now that you've learned about the scrubbing techniques, you are ready to learn all about using a squeegee.

Scrubbing a Window
How To Clean Windows

How To Clean Windows

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