Scrubbing the window

What are the best ways to handle the water that ends up on the window sill inside during the scrubbing?

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Water on Window Sills
by: Mac's Window Cleaning

When I'm cleaning windows and I don't want any water on window sills, I usually bring some extra what I call "catch towels". I find that the blue surgical huck towels work great because they can soak up a lot of water and they dry fast if hung in the sun. Any kind of good water absorbing towels will work though.

When ever cleaning windows indoors or any window that you don't want water on window sills to puddle up, you will want to use catch towels.

Just fold the towels in half and lay them directly under the window being washed. This will catch all the water that runs down. You will want to have plenty of catch towels if you are cleaning a lot of windows all at once.

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