Silicone on Window

by Dan Shaw

How do I remove silicone caulking from new windows?

I have some new windows and there is silicone caulking all the way around the edges mostly on the out side of the windows. There are also light silicone smears and spots throughout the glass as well. I’ve tried to use paint thinner and soapy water. I’ve had some luck removing the top layers of the thicker silicone beads but there is always a residue left on the glass. The more you rub or wipe on the silicone the more it seems to smear. It’s been very frustrating. Is there a better way to remove silicone from glass?

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Removing Silicone From Glass
by: Ray Croskrey

Unfortunately there is really no easy way to remove silicone from glass. The silicone creates an incredible bond with the glass and is just going to take a lot of work and time to remove it. I find that there are certain brands of windows that are put together with excess amounts of silicone around the edges and like you said, smeared throughout the glass as well. In my opinion it is just poor and sloppy manufacturing.

I find that using a new double edge stainless steal razor/scraper that is designed to be used on glass is the best method. You can find this type of scraper at any online window cleaning supply outlet. I also like to use a cleaner called Miracle Scrub made by Clean-X. You can use it to scrub some of the suborn silicone residue off the glass.

Before using a window scraper on any window you will want to make sure that the glass is not tempered. Tempered glass has the tendency to scratch very easily. Even if its not tempered glass, I still recommend test scraping in a corner first and then checking to see if it is leaving scratches. The idea is to remove the silicone without damaging the glass.

I like to wet the entire window with my window cleaning solution first. Then I begin trimming any large amounts of silicone from the edges with the scraper. Next I start scrapping off the rest of the silicon residue. This is the time consuming part because usually it has to be scraped over and over in the same area at least four or five times. I would suggest having a lot of new scraper blades ready for the job. When I'm removing silicone I will usually go through one blade for every three or four windows. Keeping a new sharp blade on at all times is the key.

removing old silicone
by: Anonymous

How to remove old silicon from window edges

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