Using Steel Wool On Windows ?

by Gary
(Pinos Altos, NM)

I have a friend who uses '0000 super fine' steel wool for cleaning his windows. His windows always look clear and clean. Is there any reason not to use this steel wool on glass?

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Steal Wool to Clean Windows
by: Ray Croskrey

There are a lot of professional window cleaners that do use the 0000 super fine steal wool to clean windows where as I personally do not. In my opinion I think it is probably okay to use if the user is careful. I have though come across windows that have been damaged by using steal wool on a window. The damage was caused by someone untrained that was over scrubbing and applying too much pressure while trying to remove something from the glass. It left tiny circular, vertical and horizontal scratches in the middle of the window.

If you are thinking of using steal wool to clean windows with I would definitely only use the 0000 super fine. The main thing I would suggest is testing the steel wool on a corner of each window to make sure it doesn’t leave any scratches. Scrub very lightly and always make sure the window is wet with soapy water during the scrubbing.

This link will give more information on Scrubbing A Window

Steel Wool On Windows
by: Jim - K Cleaners

I have a cleaning company and we frequently use steel wool on windows during our construction clean up projects. We always use the super fine "0000" steel wool and have not seen any scratches on the glass.

When it’s time for the window cleaning we start by brushing or blowing off as much of the loose construction debris as possible. Then we do a pre-wash by wetting the window with a window cleaning strip washer soaked with soapy water and squeegee it off using a soft rubber window squeegee. This allows us to identify any particles on the glass that may need special attention like stickers, glue, silicon etc. Then we re-wet the glass with strong soapy water and use the super fine steel wool to remove what is on the glass.

Here is a good article I found, the fifth paragraph down mentions using steel wool on windows.

0000 wool
by: Anonymous

I`ve been detailing cars for over ten years and we always use the 0000 steel wool on the glass.Works great...

Steel wool on gllass and gas lanterns
by: Anonymous

My husband used 0000 steel wool on the glass of our outdoor gas lanterns and it really worked. He first rinsed them off with water then dried them. He then used the steel wool on the dry glass. Perfect!

steel wool on car windows
by: Brenda

I used steel wool on the passenger side of my car and it left it foggy looking. I was following You Tube instructions. I am now sorry I did it. The window was not wet when I used the steel wool. I did use rain X also.

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