Window Cleaning Business Success

by Sara Jensen

Higher Self Esteem Can Impact Your Bottom Line

In today's society, low self esteem is rampant and it is affecting the work place. Imagine the effect on your window cleaning business if self esteem can be improved. When window cleaning business owners and employees develop a healthy sense of self worth, they will be able to perform on all fronts. When workers have a healthy self esteem, they are less likely to have interpersonal conflicts with their coworkers. Business owners can do a lot to improve this situation. Here are some tips that will help.

  • Adopt an attitude and policy within your business organization that recognizes that each person has their own set of personal strengths and weaknesses.

  • Getting to know the strengths of the workers directly under each manager is a good way to accomplish this. Once managers know this, then they can assign work that will make the most of each person's strengths.

  • Be sure to give employees the opportunity to improve on their areas of weakness, as well. This gives your workers a sense of accomplishment while also knowing that they are making improvements.

A person's self esteem is often directly impacted by how well others will accept them. Everyone has experienced rejection and continues to deal with that fear of being rejected again. Acceptance of differences and faults is a key factor for the leader of your window cleaning company. You do need to make sure your business runs, so not all faults can be overlooked. However, you can demonstrate a positive impression by showing that you understand people have faults, including you as a business owner, yet it's ok and it is something that can be worked with.

One of the best ways to impact people in a good way is through learning how to listen better and actively. By truly listening to what someone is saying and being active in the conversation shows them that you really care. We all know that it's important to feel that what we think, feel, and say matters. Imagine what this approach would have on those around you including your window cleaning customers.

You should also make it part of your overall training for all levels of management. An investment in your business will always be in the overall health of your business and work force. That point is patently obvious for all to see. Naturally, you and your employees that have an improved self esteem will transmit a stronger and positive attitude throughout your company thus having a positive impact on the overall bottom line of your window cleaning business.

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