Window Cleaning Ethics & Integrity

This page mostly focuses on window cleaning ethics and what it means to be a professional window cleaner. For most of us it’s more than just going out and cleaning windows in order to make some quick week-end cash, it’s a way of life. A life style that is full of many factors that make up the title and reputation of the entire industry.

Being a professional window cleaner is the idea of setting and maintaining higher standards for individual window cleaning business practices that will give the name professional window cleaner a respectful meaning. To be considered a professional window cleaner, window cleaning ethics and personal integrity should always be on the top of the list.

There are always exceptions to the rule though, meaning that there will always be those window cleaners out there that will pose as professionals when in all reality are just in it to make fast cash and tend to follow unscrupulous rules that only benefit themselves and not the customer. If most of the window cleaners out there practice the highest standards of window cleaning ethics these few will not be enough to damage the reputation of the entire industry itself.

Listed below are some of the top rules of window cleaning ethics and conduct that are maintained and performed by the most highly recognized and successful window cleaners in the industry.


Always show up on time. It is extremely disrespectful to the customer when they have rearranged their personal schedule do to the given expected arrival date and time, only to have the window cleaner show up late or even worse, not to show up at all.


Charge the customer the exact price that was quoted. Up selling and getting pre-authorization from the customer for extra add on services is one thing but to have an unauthorized fee added on to the original quote price because the job was under estimated is another thing. If the job becomes a loss, it’s simply calculated as a business loss and you move on.


Notify customers of any damages that were caused. Things like this do happen from time to time - it’s just part of doing business. A huge part of professional window cleaning ethics and reputation is taking ultimate responsibility if something gets broke or damaged by you or an employee. Responsible independent window cleaners carry full liability insurance that will kick in when unexpected situations like this happens.

Short Cuts

Don’t take short cuts. This can be detrimental in many ways such as safety compromises, customer trust issues, destruction of personal integrity, and bad leadership examples within your own window cleaning business and community. Be an example of how things should be done the right way.

Customer Satisfaction

Makes sure the customer is satisfied with the work. Unfortunately you will always have that one window cleaning customer that will never be satisfied no matter what you do. Don’t worry too much about that, as they are far and few in-between. Although, from time to time there will be a customer with legitimate concerns. These concerns typically can be addressed leaving the customer happy as a peach.

Over Delivering Your Service

Deliver more service than originally promised. Clean some extra windows or mirrors for free. Deliver an extra ordinary, upbeat, and positive attitude the entire time you’re their. Make the extra effort to make sure the customer knows that you will take care of everything so that they won’t have to lift a finger. Pre-schedule them for there next cleaning, this way they won’t have to remember to do it themselves. Be creative on this one.

Job Safety

Safety means more than dollar signs. If it means allowing extra time to complete the window cleaning job without rushing than do so. Never skimp on safety tools such as climbing harnesses, ladder safety devises and so on just to save a couple of dollars. If a window cleaner has unsafe practices it could mean an unsafe zone for the customer as well.

Window Cleaning Industry Knowledge

Keep up an all new window cleaning industry tools and information. Be a member of a national training and seminar organization such as the International Window Cleaners Association.

In the end it’s solely up to the individual window cleaner to uphold the highest standards for the window cleaning industry. Window cleaning business success starts by being proud of the title “professional window cleaner” and by being a shiny example of someone that demonstrates impeccable window cleaning ethics.

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