Window Cleaning Solutions May Require Elbow Grease

by Alexis Jose Andres
(Oakland, California)

People often ask what type of window cleaning solution they may use to get the best results when they have to do the work at home rather than hire a professional.

The typical window cleaning solution is a mix of water, vinegar and dish-washing soap. Some people even add a bit of cornstarch to leave a smooth gleam on their windows after they remove the home-made cleaning solution from the pane using newsprint rather than towels, which leave streaks. Professionals use squeegees.

However, the recipe above is fine for regular window cleaning, meaning that anyone who has windows soiled by dust, dirt or pollen can benefit from using a mix of vinegar, soap and water.

Yet if your windows have accumulated a mineral build up, which gives the pane a hazy appearance as if whitish water spots were permanently stuck to your window, then the formula above will not work to remove those hazy spots.

As a professional window cleaner in San Francisco Bay Area I can only recommend that, if you wish not to use any harsh chemicals to remove the stains, you instead apply the recipe mix to your window but rub off the spots using a #0000 steel wool pad.

This work will take time and elbow grease to complete if the mineral deposit is heavily set on your window, which is why chemical solutions can make the job easier and most of them are environmentally safe. But you MUST be careful using chemicals. They're powerful enough to ruin both your windows and your health, if you don't mix them appropriately.

Give it a try. You won't believe the difference!

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