Window Cleaning Supplies

by Keith Avery

I’m about to get the rest of the window cleaning supplies I need to get my business going but had a few questions about the types and brands on some of the actual tools.

I only plan on cleaning windows two stories high max. I decided to go with the name, Avery Window Cleaning and More. The “and more” means that I will offer gutter cleaning, window screen repair, some light janitorial and small home and office maintenance. I’ve ordered business cards, door hangers and door magnets for the side of my van. I also had some cool window cleaning shirts made with my name embroider on the back and front pocket. Can’t wait to get going, I already have four houses set up to be cleaned as soon as I get all my tools together.

My list of window cleaning supplies, so far consist of the following:

• Werner 24 foot aluminum extension ladder
• Werner 16 foot fiberglass extension ladder
• Werner 6 foot fiberglass step ladder
• Werner 3 foot aluminum step ladder
• Window Cleaning Tool Belt
• 12 foot extension pole
• Blue Huck Surgical Towels
• Glass Gleam window cleaning soap
• Two drop clothes
• Shoe booties
• Screw driver and ratchet kit
• 3 gallon bucket and brushes for screen cleaning

Here are my questions.

For the window scraper I’m going to get the Triumph. What is better the angled or straight?

What brand do you think is the best for the window squeegee and scrubber, Ettore or Unger?

What is the best squeegee rubber?

Any input would be greatly appreciated and if you think I might be missing any window cleaning supplies from my list please do let me know.

Thanks a Million!

Keith Avery

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Window Cleaning Supplies
by: Ray Croskrey

Hey Keith,

It looks like you have most of your window cleaning supplies in order. When it comes to the window cleaning tools I think it is mostly personal preference. All I can really do is let you know what I personally use and prefer. You can always buy one each of the competing brands or styles that you think you might like. When you decide on a specific window cleaning tool, you can simply keep the others as back ups just in case one gets lost or broken.

I always recommend back ups of all your main tools anyway because if you are at a job site cleaning windows and your only tool breaks you will want to have another one right there to keep you going. Down time will cost you lots of money and I might mention it looks unprofessional and may annoy your customer to the point where they won’t have you back again.

As far as the Triumph window scrapers, I prefer the angled. It just seems to be less stress on my wrists and it works better than the flat one if you have to use it on a pole for higher windows. Also, I would recommend getting the stainless steal blades. They are a little more expensive but it’s worth the extra money because they do not rust as quickly as the carbon blades.

When it comes to the squeegee and scrubber, I mostly like the Ettore brand. For the squeegee handles I like the styles that can swivel and that have the quick release for the channels. I mostly use a 6 inch and an 18 inch brass channel. For the scrubber handle, again I use the one that swivels. I have an 18 inch and a 4 inch. I have both, soft and bristled sleeves. The soft one I mainly use when cleaning tinted windows and bristled on everything else.

I would recommend a couple of safety tools to go along with your extension ladders (especially if you’re working by your self). Get a ladder stabilizer, ladder stop and a ladder leveling tool of some sort like the ladder pivot or leg levelers. You can never have enough safety tools.

Window Cleaning Tools

I hope that helps you out and good luck on your ventures. If you have any more questions regarding window cleaning supplies or anything else that has to do with window cleaning feel free to ask away.

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