Window Cleaning Techniques

There are many different window cleaning techniques that can be learned but since this site has been designed for the beginner, I will only be discussing easy-to-learn, general techniques. Below you will find information and links for easy to follow step by step techniques.

At this point you should have already studied up on all the correct window cleaning tools. If you haven't, you may want to do that right now.

Learning techniques on how to clean windows is no different than learning anything else for the first time. The more you practice the better you will become at the task.

Give yourself some time to play around with what you learn from this site. Once you get going you will discover that learning a few window cleaning techniques are not as difficult as it seems.

If you like to be competitive, invite a friend to learn all the window cleaning secrets with you. Once you get good you can make a game of it. Make fun bets and race each other to the finish. Before you know it, all the windows in your house will be cleaned, and you’ll realize you had fun doing it.

When you’re first learning the art of window cleaning, you will encounter different challenges each time you clean a new window. Relax, if it doesn’t turn out how you like, just re-wet the window and try again until you get it. If you run into recurring challenges you cannot overcome, you can always refer back to this site. You can even go to the window cleaning troubleshooting guide where you can look for solutions or ask your own questions regarding your challenges.

Once you have mastered the window cleaning techniques listed below you will soon realize the value in your new skill.

  • Your friends, family and neighbors will all be amazed and wonder how you get your windows to look so crystal clear.

  • You will also be saving a bundle of money by cleaning your own windows V.S. hiring a professional company.

  • If you so desire, it can be turned into a very profitable window cleaning business opportunity. Everyone has windows and everyone I know loves to have clean windows. There will always be people out there that do not want to clean their own windows and will pay good money to have you do the work for them.

Tip: Start by practicing on easy to reach ground level windows. Work on the outside first, this way you can make all the mess you want and not worry about it.

The process for window cleaning techniques have been put into five easy to follow steps.

Step 1. Scrubbing A Window

Step 2. Window Scraping

Step 3. Using A Squeegee

Step 4. Wiping the edges.

Step 5. Cleaning Window Screens.

Window Cleaning Videos

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Window Cleaning Techniques

How To Clean Windows

How To Clean Windows

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