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If you are new to window cleaning then this is the first of the window cleaning videos you will want to take a look at. Here Mr. Tim Carter from "Ask the Builder" demonstrates the basic window cleaning tools that you will need to get in order to start cleaning windows properly that will allow you to start producing spotless and streak-free windows.

Using a Window Scraper

When it comes to window cleaning techniques,using a window scraper can be a big plus if you have to remove stubborn debris from a window such as: paint, bug spots, silicone, stickers and more.

If you decide that you need to perform some window scraping then this is one of the most important window cleaning videos you should study up on. If this step is not taken with caution damage could be done to your windows.

Window Cleaning Video 3

Cleaning Window Screens

Here is a simple technique that will show you how to clean window screens in a flash.

Window Cleaning Video 4

Cleaning Mirrors

Before There Were Window Cleaning Rules

Window Cleaning Videos

How To Clean Windows

How To Clean Windows

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