window decal stuck to window tint

As a commercial cleaner I am running into several locations that used Decals and marketing that has adhered to the window tinting. The coloring/paint has peeled off and stuck to the glass, as well, leaving what appears to be a burned mark of the silhouette on to the tinting. How do you clean this off with out using a scraper?

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Cleaning Residue Off Tinted Windows
by: Ray

You might try using a small dab of Goo Gone with a 100% cotton towel. Test it on a part of the window that will not be noticed first to make sure that it doesn't have a reaction with the window tint. If this works then make sure you rinse the Goo Gone off the window tint right away with soap and water.

how to remove a sticker form tinted windows
by: Janet Peterson

My kids put a sticker on my tinted windows and this is how I removed it.

First of all, the type of tinted windows I’m referring to is film tinted windows that started out as plain glass and we had a professional attach a thin 3M film over the window to make it darker and to keep out damaging sun rays. The surface of the glass was cleaned and then heated which I guess fuses a layer of plastic film onto the glass. If a sticker such as a cute Dore the Explorer sticker is put on the tinted portion of a window, removing just the sticker without removing or damaging the window tint film can be a little tricky. So this is how I did it.

First I wet the sticker with warm soapy water using a very soft sponge. I let it sit and about every two or three minutes I gave it a little more wetting.

Each time I wet the sticker it got looser and a little more came off on the sponge. I just keep doing this process until the top layer of the sticker was gone. (the paper part) Now there is the glue part.

I let it dry and then covered the glue with Goo Gone and used a soft terry cloth and lightly rubbed on just the glue part and in a few seconds it started to come off. After all the glue was removed I carefully cleaned the surface with soap and water using the terry cloth. I now can’t even see where the sticker was. And that folks is how to remove a sticker form tinted windows.

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