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There are a few options when choosing your window scrubbing tools. The most useful and convenient tool for scrubbing is called a T-Handle, strip washer or scrubbing wand. This is a plastic T shaped tool that consists of a handle and top bar that allows a cloth scrubbing sleeve/wand cover to slip over. You can choose a swivel or fixed handle, your personal choice.

In my opinion the swivel handle is the because it offers more diversification. The T-handle is also available in different sizes. You may want to start out with an 18” or a size smaller. If you are cleaning window grids, you may consider getting a 6” T-handle as well. The T-handle/scrubbing wand is a great way to go because it fits into a bucket that can be worn on a tool belt. If you decide not to use the T- handle, a sponge or lint free rag will also work as window scrubbing tools. If you choose to use a sponge go with all natural it won’t leave left over particles on the glass as you scrub. Also, never use steal wool, or any kind of scratchy pad what so ever, they will scratch glass.

Wand Cover

This type of cover is what will slip onto the T-bar pictured above. You have a wide variety of styles, sizes and manufacturers to choose from. I have found that the “porcupine” made by Ettore does the best job. It is a heavy duty white fiber sleeve with interwoven scrubbing bristles. If you have tinted windows though, you will want to use a softer sleeve without bristles to avoid scratching the tint. Just a reminder - if you’re using the T- handle make sure you order the right size sleeve.

Tool Belt Bucket

This is a bucket holster that hangs on a belt that is used to carry your scrubbing wand. Simply fill it half way with your window cleaning solution and slide you scrubbing wand in. Not only is it a convenient way to go but it also help keep the liquid in control.

Window Scraper

The scraper is only to be used to remove stubborn debris that regular scrubbing will not. Scrapers come in a couple different sizes and designs. I recommend the 6” with the angled handle. Each handle is designed to carry a double edged blade. Always use stainless steel blades, they are thinner and will resist rusting over the carbon blades.

Caution: Do not ever scrape or scrub a window with any tool that is not specified to be used on glass. The type of glass scraper discussed here is a double edged micro thin stainless steel razor designed to be used on non-tempered glass. If these precautions are ignored you may end up with scratched glass.

It is very important to know how to properly use a scraper on glass. The following links will give detailed instructions and techniques for you to follow closely.

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(Photos courtesy of J.Racenstein Co.)

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