Window Washing Business Success Tips

When the economy is on the downside your window washing business will need a unique way that will set it apart from the competition. You may have noticed that some professional window cleaners find success to be a never ending uphill battle while others seem to be able to blaze through the process achieving great results. The number one reason for this is that the successful ones know what counts and what makes the difference at the end of each work day. So if you’re a small window cleaning business that’s been around for a while or just getting started, here are some strategies that will help you plan for a brighter and more successful future to come.

Customer Service

Your window washing business may be able to deliver flawlessly cleaned windows but so can your competition. If both you and your competition can deliver the same clean windows how can you set yourself apart? The answer is this: by delivering the best customer service. Superb customer service can be the difference between a one time job or life time worth of profits. You may be on the same driving range as all the other window cleaners in the industry and the rules of the yard may be the same but you alone ultimately decide your playing strategy. To stand out from your competitors and to stand your ground in the onset of competition, you need to shower your customers with something that they don’t experience too often from other companies and that is by delivering top of the top customer service.

Any business that puts its window washing customers needs first, keeps its promises, and doesn’t take them for a ride will keep them for life.

Too Big For Your Britches

One mistake that you don’t want to make is taking on window cleaning projects that are far too big for you to handle. One problem you may be faced with is the temptation to under bid a large project in order to take it away from a competitor. Unfortunately if you are under equipped to handle the job you will end up falling short of your goals. Your aspirations need to be balanced with your capabilities – if you decide to take on more than you can handle, you will not only lose time and money but your reputation as well. So by working within your limitations and perfecting your efforts to the max you will find your rewards to be much greater.


Usually with the growth of your window washing business means employees. If you decide to grow your business to the point where you need to hire employees you will need to demonstrate honesty, hard work and leadership skills. Unless you personally set the example for your employees, they’re not going to duplicate the kind of workmanship and deliver the kind of customer service that you need to have in order to gain and maintain that edge over your competition. You will also need to set the example of hard work by demonstrating that you are not using them as pawns so that you can slack off. You may end up in a position that requires you to be in the office more than out in the field cleaning windows. If this is the case then you need to have good communication with your employees so that they know you are working just as hard.

Remember, it is your window washing business so by setting a shining example, demonstrating great leadership skills and treating your employees well, they will in respect be proud to plow through the tough to help build a successful company.

Add-On Services

Adding services to your window washing business will help during the slow or short working seasons. By letting your customers know that you offer more than just window cleaning they will be more likely to call you for the other services that you offer because you have already developed a professional rapport.


Window Cleaning Business

Window Washing Business Success Tips

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