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Birds Hitting Windows

Do you have a problem with birds hitting windows?

Its always disappointing to see your nice clean windows dirtied up from the birds. Its even more sad to find dead birds on the ground from accidental window collisions. This page will discuss why there are so many bird window collisions and what you can do to help reduce the number of these collisions.

Millions Killed

It is said that over 90 million birds are killed every year due to bird window collisions. The main reason birds collide with windows is because they see reflections of grass, trees and other familiar scenery instead of the glass. Having lots of indoor house plants next to your windows and green colored carpet can also contribute to window crashes.

Territorial Birds

You may also see birds purposely flapping up against windows. Some birds such as Cardinals and Robbins (in video below) are very territorial. When they see their own reflection in the glass they think that another bird is invading their nesting or feeding space which causes them to attack it.

You will see this fairly often when a bird has built its nest within view of the window reflection. You may also notice that the attacking takes place at the same time every day. This will happen because as the sun moves across the sky the light changes and will then bring the reflection into the birds view. At a particular time of the day, the bird will see its own reflection and start attacking. This will go on until the bird finds a new feeding area or its babies have hatched and left the nest.

Prevention – Birds and Windows

The first step to preventing birds hitting windows is to observe and document which windows, which part of the window and what time of day do the collisions take place the most. Then see if there is any correlation with the window and what its reflections are. Example: trees, water, grass, food, nests etc. Once you can identify some contributing factors, you can start to take steps towards prevention.

Eliminate the Reflection

There are a few ways that you can eliminate the reflection from a window.

  • Window Blinds - One way is to put up wooden or vinyl blinds. You can partially close the blinds during the day.

  • Pull Down Shades – Pull down shades come in many different styles. Some are designed to hang indoors and some outdoors. You can get solid or see through, white to black.

  • Awnings – Outdoor awnings will also help reduce the reflection.

  • Window Film – Tinted windows can sometimes help as well. There is a promising product called Collide Escape. This is a window film that produces a solid look when looking in from the outside and a clear look when looking out from the inside.

Tip: Before you add any type of window film, first check your window warranty as it may become void.

Window Bird Deflectors

  • Window Decals – Putting up stickers or high tech window alert decals all around the window will help. The bird will get some depth perception by seeing the stickers and will avoid crashing into the glass.

  • Bird Deterrent – Special objects such as a foam black hawk silhouette, spider web, giant eye, streamers etc that are hung in front of a window will help. As the wind blows it will move the object around keep birds away.

  • Bird Netting – Special bird netting will help deflect the birds away from the window without injuring them. You must use netting that is specifically designed for birds. Otherwise they will become entangled in the net and may die.

Reposition Bird Baths and Feeders

When you have birds hitting windows, you may have to reposition your bird feeders, baths and man made bird houses. Often when a bird is feeding or bathing it will become spooked and unknowingly will fly off into the window at a high rate of speed causing its death upon impact. If this is the problem try moving the bath or feeder into an area that will give the bird more time to maneuver away from the windows.

If you want a close viewing of feeding without birds hitting windows, get a feeder that actually sticks to the window. The birds will not fly into the glass because their attention will be on the feeder. If they get spooked they will then fly in the opposite direction of the window.

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