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Construction Window Cleaning

Construction Window Cleaning can lead to some challenging situations. Debris from such projects can cause severe damage to glass unless it is properly protected. Law suits between homeowners and contractors can be avoided if the proper steps to window protection are taken seriously.


Industry Debates

There has been a lot of debate over the years on who is ultimately responsible for scratched glass before, during, and after the construction of a building.

I believe that education is the key. Losses can be prevented if homeowners, glass manufacturing companies, and building contractors all work together to educate one another on the subjects along with different scenarios that causes scratched glass.

I’ve had to deal with a great number of construction window cleaning jobs. In the process I have managed to protect myself from being blamed for scratched glass. Unfortunately,some of my competitors were not so lucky. Learning the differences in glass quality very early in the game, and paying very close attention to the different types of debris found on glass payed off.

I also learned that glass should come from the manufacture fairly clean and should be installed fairly clean, except maybe a finger print or two. At this point the windows should be covered up with protective plastic, wood paneling or cardboard. This will prevent any construction equipment or debris from coming in direct contact with the glass that would ordinarily cause damage.

Further on in my career I was lucky enough to attend some workshops that confirmed that manufacturing imperfections and human carelessness of not covering windows was a wide spread problem.

I have since been educating contractors and homeowners on the subject of damaged glass. There are some who care and some that don't. A contractor once told me that it was cheaper to replace a few damaged windows than to pay someone to go around and cover them all.

The sad thing is that in most cases the damaged windows are never pointed out and are left to be discovered down the road by the new building owner. The new owner is then left with three choices, living with the damaged glass, replacing it at their own expense or going after the one responsible which is nearly impossible to find out who actually caused the damage.

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