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Damaged Windows

Damaged windows can be caused by many factors. This section will help identify the different types of damage found and, suggests ways to help prevent and protect windows from becoming damaged.

Window Warranties

Most window manufacturing companies will have some kind of warranty that goes with the windows. If you have purchased new windows or a newly built house, you will want to find out how long the warranty lasts and exactly what it covers. Also, find out if labor costs are coved as well if a window needs to be replaced. As expensive as windows are, knowing and having a superior warranty could save you a bundle of money if a defective window is found.

Tip: Some window manufacturer warranties will become void if you have the windows tinted. Dark window tint can raises the heat temperature above normal, which may cause the seals to break. Broken window seals will allow moisture to be drawn between the panes of glass. This will give the window an unpleasant hazy or wet look.

Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowers throw rocks and other objects that can cause window chips, pits, and cracks. This can be prevented by being aware of this danger and aiming the mower feed out and away from windows. Another solution is to cover the windows with cardboard during mowing.

Other Power Tools

Damaged windows can be a result of hot sparks and flying debris from metal grinders, sanders, sandblasters, and welders. I mostly see this type of damage in shops and garages. There is an easy solution; always cover windows when power tools are being used nearby.


Windows that are exposed to the hot sun for long periods every day may end up with broken seals. The long exposure to the sun’s intense heat will cause increased pressure within the window. When the temperatures drop, the pressure drops. This constant expansion and contraction will eventually cause the seal to break. Then, during the same process, moisture will be pulled inside the two panes. This moisture will then condense between the glass and cause a white haze to form.

Building Settlement

The sudden appearance of a cracked window can sometimes be caused by a building settling, or being shifted by an earthquake. If an unexplained crack does appear and it appears to be caused by building settlement, you may want to wait several months to a year for the building to completely settle before replacing the window.


Storms can naturally be a source for damaged windows. Wind can throw objects into or through windows. Hail can break skylights and sunroom windows. If you live in an area with severe storms that cause frequent damage to windows, you may consider purchasing window covers that can be quickly placed over the windows if needed.


Dogs and cats are a large cause for scratched glass. If a pet tends to claw at a glass window or door when it wants to come in or go out, they will leave deep scratches in the glass from their sharp claws. Screens can be damaged in the same manner. The prevention is to try and train the pet not to scratch. Other solutions may involve putting up a gate or covering the bottom half of the door with wood or cardboard.

Untrained Window Cleaners

Untrained window cleaners can sometimes leave scratches on glass if the right window cleaning tools and proper window cleaning techniques are not used. Scratched glass is most commonly found with tempered glass.

Hard Water Deposits
Deposits from hard water will cause serious damage to windows.

Construction Debris
Debris from construction will also cause damage to windows.

Damaged Windows

How To Clean Windows

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