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Indoor Window Cleaning

When it comes to indoor window cleaning, you will want to take extra care. Once you clean your first window, the cleaning water will naturally have some dirt in it. You will want to avoid drips on walls, flooring and furniture.

Tip: If you do drip on something clean it up right a way, do not let it dry. If it is left to dry it will be more difficult to clean up and may even leave a stain.

Drop Cloths

When you are working on carpet, hardwood flooring and around furniture you will want to consider using drop cloths. You can buy professional heave duty drops cloths of all kinds from a hardware store if you like. I like to use old bed sheets and bath towels.

Start out by looking over your work area. Try to remove as much furniture that you can away from the window. You want as much space as possible to create a comfortable spot to work. Anything that you cannot move that may get splashed or dripped on should be completely covered with a drop cloth. Next lay another drop cloth on the floor directly under the window and where you will be standing. You will also want to lay down extra towels on the window sills to catch the run off water. This will also keep water from running down the wall under the window.

Indoor Window Grime

You will notice a few major factors that cause interior windows to get dirty like dust, bugs, smoke, animals, and construction projects.

Dust – Dust is stirred up during normal usage of a room. The more traffic the more dust that ends up in the air.

Vacuuming will also throw a lot of dust into the air.

The worst scenario is living next to a busy and or dusty road. The air born dust will always work its way in especially if you leave your windows open.

Central heating and cooling systems with dirty or poor quality filters can send a great deal of dust through your house as well.

Bugs – Bugs, especially house flies can make a real mess. They leave tinny spots and squiggly marks on the glass that can sometimes be hard to remove. Bugs can get in through cracks around windows, broken screens and open doors.

Pets – What can I say, dogs will be dogs and cats will be cats, they love to look out the widows too. That’s the nice thing about knowing how to clean your own windows. When you get a nose print or two it’s real easy to grab your squeegee and give the window a quick clean.

Smoke – Smoke on windows can make indoor window cleaning quite a challenge, especially when it comes to cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke is very sticky and has a texture similar to tar. You may want to uses extra soap in the cleaning water. In most cases the windows will have to be washed two or three times depending on how thick the smoke residue is.

Other sources of smoke can come from fire places, stoves, excessive incense and candle burning, and smoke blown in from natural outdoor fires.

Construction Window Debris - Click on this link for further information on removing window debris that usually found after or during construction projects.

Tip: When it comes to indoor window cleaning and you are dealing with extremely dirty windows, you may want to change your cleaning solution and rinse out your scrubber about every two or three windows.

Indoor Window Cleaning

How To Clean Windows

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