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Window Cleaning Secrets Article

You find yourself asking, how do the professionals get them so clean? What are the window cleaning secrets?

On one sunny day you notice that the windows you are gazing through are in need of a good cleaning. Like most people, you simply get out the window cleaner, some paper towels, and go to work scrubbing. You clean the inside and then the outside of each window. When finished, you step back to admire your hard work only to find out that it looks worse than when you started. There are smears and streaks every where.

When the regular store bought glass cleaner fails to do the job, I often see people turning to things like grandma’s old homemade window cleaning solution, newspapers, paper towels, coffee filters, starch, vinegar, and so on.

These types of concoctions were probably the best window cleaning secret to use when they were the only thing to use. Now we have great tools specifically designed for cleaning windows. These tools are available to everyone and are not exclusive to the professionals.

Window cleaning secrets always start with the tools. The right window cleaning tools alone can make or break a window cleaning job. Below, you will find a list of proper window cleaning tools below that will get anyone started. These tools can be purchased on the internet or at your very own local janitorial supply store.

Tools Recommended:

  • 6” and 10” Squeegee

  • Extra Replacement Squeegee Rubbers

  • Scrubbing Wand or Cleaning Sponge (all natural if possible)

  • Bucket

  • Professional Window Scraper

  • Lint-Free Towels (For Detailing) (Blue Medical Towels Work Great)

  • Liquid Dish Washing Soap

  • Drop Cloth

  • Ladders(optional)

  • Tool Belt (optional)

  • Extension Pole (optional)

Mixing the window cleaning solution.

Mix about 1 teaspoon of any regular dish soap into a gallon of water. Don’t add anything else! Adding certain chemicals like alcohol, vinegar, ammonia, etc. can cause damage to wood finishes and exposed rubber seals around the window. The soap is only needed to help lift debris and to provide lubrication for the squeegee as it travels across the glass. Soak the scrubbing wand or sponge in the soap water and scrub the window. You may need to use a professional window scraper to aid in the removal of stubborn debris that will not come off with regular scrubbing.

The first rule of thumb is to never clean windows in direct sunlight. Start out by playing around with the squeegee so that you get used to its feel. Then start at one side of the window and squeegee to the other without stopping. Always start at an edge and finish at an opposite edge. Never start the squeegee in the middle of the window. Only use your lint-free towels to clean up small amounts of leftover water around the edges. After a few windows you will get the hang of it.

Tips in addition to window cleaning secrets:

- Always make sure the squeegee rubber has a good sharp edge. Dull edges, nicks or cracks will leave water lines behind.- Use drop cloths when working inside to protect window sills and floors.- Clean the dirtiest side of the window first.- If you need to scrape something of a window, always use a professional window scraper and never scrape tempered glass, it will scratch.- To identify tempered glass, look in one of the four corners, it will usually have an etched label that reads “safety glass” or “tempered glass”- Tempered glass is most commonly found in doors, sidelights, skylights, bathtub windows, staircases or low to the ground windows.

Video demonstrations, tool descriptions, and down to earth detailed window cleaning techniques can all be found at http://do-it-yourself-window-cleaning-tips.com/

Window Cleaning Secrets