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Window Cleaning Squeegee

When it comes to the window cleaning squeegee, we will be discussing the standard single rubber bladed professional grade. This type of squeegee is specifically designed to remove water from glass. This type of squeegee will work great for all regular window cleaning jobs.

Squeegee Handle

Professional squeegee handles are made of durable plastic which allows for more wear and tear. Some handles are fixed and others can swivel. I recommend getting one that will swivel like the one pictured on the right. Having the swivel option helps with odd shaped and hard to reach windows.

Squeegee Channel

You can choose a squeegee handle with a stainless steel or brass channel. Stainless steel is nice because they are stronger and will not bend easily if dropped. The channel is what holds the rubber blade in place. Some handles provide for a fixed channel where others have a quick release lever which allows you to remove them if needed. This feature is nice because you can change sizes in the middle of a job. Also with this feature, you will only have to buy different sized channels V.S. buying multiple fixed handles. Because there are so many different sized windows you will want at least three sizes of channels. I recommend having a 6’’, 10”, and 18”. If you're not sure, a 12" squeegee is a great middle of the road place to start.

Rubber Blade

The rubber blade is the most important part of the whole window cleaning squeegee. Usually when you order a channel, it comes preassembled with the correct sized rubber blade. It is held inside the channel with plastic or metal clips. Remember to buy extra replacement rubbers and metal or plastic clips so you can change them as needed. If you have three sizes of channels, buy a package of rubber blades that will fit the largest size you have. With scissors, you can trim the rubber to fit smaller channels.

Brass End Clip

The end clips keep the rubber blade frome slipping out of the channel.

Each end gets a clip, they are squeezed onto the end of the rubber and then slid into the ends of the channel.

Tip: Always keep a good clean sharp rubber on your squeegee at all times.

Change the Rubber Blade

To tell if a rubber blade needs to be replaced, look at the edges and corners. If they are rounded, rough looking, cracked, or cut replace it. You should be able to clean an average sized house with the use of one rubber blade.

Window Cleaning Squeegee

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(Photos courtesy of J.Racenstein Co.)

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