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Window Cleaning Tips

Q & A

Here is an assortment of questions followed with window cleaning tips that have been emailed to me through the contact page.

You will find a number of subjects dealing with storm windows, window cleaning tools, cleaning tinted windows, cleaning frosted glass, window scrubbing tools, etc.

Replacement Window Grids

Q - Can you help me with replacement window grids? I am having trouble finding a site!

A - If you know what brand of windows you have, start by looking for the local or online window supplier that caries that brand of window. They should be able to special order new grids for you. If you don't know the brand, you might take out a grid from a different window and bring it to a local window supplier/installer, they may be able to identity it for you and give you further advice.

Taking Apart Storm Windows

Q - I have an old house with triple pane storm windows over single pane double hung windows upstairs. There is also a track for the screen. The very top outside storm is permanent. Were these not meant to be cleaned without removing anything from the tracks? If so what is the procedure? For example which pane do I start with, what goes up, down or next? I can't seem to get all the sides clean from the inside of the house but I know there has to be a way. Thanks.

A - Usually all the pieces of the storm window including the screen should come out. Yours could be an exception. Without actually seeing it I wouldn't know for sure. I'm assuming that the frame is metal with plastic tracks on the inner sides. One side of the track should flex or spring inwards when pressed on allowing the storm windows to come out. Overall procedure: From the inside, open the main window by sliding the bottom window up. (Again I'm assuming the main window has a wood frame) Then, raise the bottom storm pane up a bit and take it out by pressing it to the flex side of the track. Once removed, take the screen out in the same manor. (Be careful sometimes the last top storm will come crashing down when the screen is remove as it may be the only thing holding it in the up position) Now with the screen out, try to slide the last top storm window down a bit. It could be tight and hard to slide down if it's hasn't moved for a long time. If it slides down you can grab the top with one hand and the bottom with the other hand and pull the window towards the flex or spring side. It should come out like the others. (Make note as to the order in which they all come apart and put them back in the same order they came out).

Cleaning Tinted Windows

Q - I just purchased some of your homemade window cleaner "Window Shine" for cleaning tinted windows on the interior of my home. But, before I tackle cleaning my tinted windows, could you give me some window cleaning tips. I'd like to know exactly what window cleaning tools you would use if you were to clean them. I am aware that your web site gave several recommendations as to what window cleaning tools are essential, but I was wondering if you could tell me which tools YOU would select to do the job. I figure if anyone should know it would be you! Thanks so much!

A - When cleaning tinted windows, I scrub VERY LIGHTLY using my window cleaning solution using a soft yellow or white cotton scrubbing sleeve (also called wand cover) that does not contain any harsh scrubbing bristles that will scratch the tint. If you don't have a soft scrubbing sleeve, a soft cotton rag soaked in the cleaning solution will also work for scrubbing. Then I use an Ettore brand squeegee to remove the cleaner from the window. Detail the edges using a dry soft cotton rag.

Window Cleaning Tips: Never use any paper products to clean tinted windows. It will cause scratches. Remember to scrub lightly because if you get any tiny hard or sharp particles caught under your window scrubbing tools tools it will leave scratches. Also, clean any tinted windows when the sun is NOT hitting them. The heat can sometimes make it impossible to avoid streaks.

Using A Pole On Second Story Windows

Q – Looking for window cleaning tips: How do you clean 2nd level windows? Do you spray the window or spray the strip washer? I use an extension to reach these and not a ladder.

A - The only time I use an extension pole to clean 2nd level windows on a house is when I absolutely cannot get to it safely with a step or extension ladder. When I do have to use an extension pole, I wet my scrubber first in a bucket with my soap solution, attach it to the pole, then scrub the window and squeegee it off. (One key trick – after the window has been adequately scrubbed, re-wet it once more with your scrubber, and then squeegee it off)

Window Cleaning Tips: Using a squeegee on a pole does take some practice in order to get it to look flawless. Just keep trying and you will get it.

Using Distilled Water

Q - Ray, we recently bought a home with beautiful views, and unfortunately, I am having a heck of a time getting the windows clean. I am happy to find your website that offers great window cleaning tips. I am wondering about using distilled water. (Our water is very hard.) Do you think that could work well?

A - I use soft water produced from our soft water system, but distilled water will work absolutely just fine, if not better.

Cleaning Frosted Glass

Q – How do you safely clean construction debris from frosted tempered glass? Do you offer any window cleaning tips or a special window cleaning solution that will take off the construction debris?

A – When cleaning frosted glass, I like to use a spray glass cleaner made by Sprayway. You can usually remove a great deal of debris by scrubbing the glass using the spray cleaner alone. Try that first and see what happens.

Window Cleaning Tips: Do not use a window scraper or any type of scraping tool on frosted or tempered glass. If you need to remove paint or lacquer over spray, try using a paint remover then clean again with the spray glass cleaner.

Removing Sticky Residue

Q - I have some windows I need to clean right away that had a vinyl privacy covering stuck to them. The vinyl has been taken off but now there is a sticky residue over the complete window. Do you have any cleaning tips or do you know of an effective product I can use to remove this residue?

A - I like to use a product called Strypeeze. It works great for removing sticky residue. The nice thing about this product is that it is water soluble so it washes off easy with soap and water. It is also effective for taking off hard to removing paint and lacquer overspray.

Window Cleaning Tips: Strypeeze has a strong odor to it so you will want to open a window or door for fresh air while using it. Also, be careful not to get any on any surrounding surfaces because it is designed to strip paint.

Removing BQ Grille Grease

Q – Grease has splattered onto my deck windows from my BQ grille and I cannot seem to get it off. What do you recommend I use. Thanks a million.

A - I use a product called Sani Scrub. It works amazingly great! I find it works good to remove almost all stubborn debris including grease from glass. I especially use it on tempered glass that I cannot use a window scraper on. You can order it from my Amazon store.

Window Cleaning Tips: I would recommend moving your grille away from any windows to prevent this from happening again in the future.

A - I use a product called Sani Scrub. It works amazingly great! I find it works good to remove almost all stubborn debris including grease from glass. I especially use it on tempered glass that I cannot use a window scraper on. You can order it from my Amazon store.

Window Cleaning Tips: I would recommend moving your grille away from any windows to prevent this from happening again in the future.

Window Cleaning Tools For Sale

Q - Do you sell the window cleaning tools as well? If not can you refer a reputable web-site or business that does?

A – I do sell window cleaning videos and my own homemade window cleaner. You can also purchase a number of window cleaning kits, tools and accessories through my Amazon Store as well. (Just click anywhere on the product link below and it will take you to my whole store)

Re-assembling Storm Windows

Q- A professional company cleaned our triple track aluminum storm windows. They don't all seem to be in the right track. Is there an order, like upper sash in out-most track, screen in middle track, lower sash in inner track? They're very difficult to get in and out. This system has three tracks, but only two windows and one screen. When looking at the frame from inside the house, should it be window on out-most track in upper half, screen on middle track, and window on innermost track in lower half? Thanks.

A - I’m guessing that there is a spring loaded track on one side of the frame allowing the individual storm windows to come out. If you are looking at the frame from inside the house, there should be one storm window in the back track, in the upper position. Directly under that in the same track should be the screen. Then there should be a storm window in the middle track in the up position. Then the last storm will be in the outer track in the down position. I hope this helps, without actually seeing it it’s hard to say because sometimes you find an oddball system.

If you are having any challenges getting your windows clean and need a couple of quick window cleaning tips, feel free to send me a question. You can do this by clicking the contact link below or on the tool bar.

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