Cleaning Windows Behind Bushes

Sometimes cleaning windows behind bushes, shrubs and trees can be a real challenge. Here is a nice little trick that will pull the branches out of the way so that you can successful gain access to the windows. As you can see in the pictures below I am using an 8ft step ladder to reach these windows. The bushes are so close together and up next to the house that it makes it nearly impossible to get to the windows.

Tools you will need:


  • Tow Rope with attached hook
  • Ground Stake

As you can see I like to use my yellow tow strap that I keep in my truck. The reason the tow strap is great for this is because it is wide and has an attache hook that grabs onto branches nicely.

After you have hooked your strap onto the bush or the tree you can then wrap it around the entire plant or as I did in this situation just around half. You can then pull the bush gently off to the side so that it is out of the way. Then wrap the other end around the ground stake. It is very important to not pull too hard because you do not want to break the bush or damage it in anyway. If you do you will never clean windows here every again.

Here you can see how the strap has pulled the bush to the side. This opens it up so that you can place your ladder next to the house.

Now that all the branches are pulled away you will have all the clearance you need so that you will not have to fight them with your squeegee.