Window Cleaning Troubleshooting Guide

The window cleaning troubleshooting guide will help identify different problems that may occur when cleaning windows.

Tip: Keep in mind that even the professionals encounter windows that are difficult to clean. If you are not getting the desired results, just keep fine tuning your techniques until you get it.

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Your Reach

You always want to make sure you can reach the entire window comfortably. This applies to whether you’re standing on the ground or on a ladder. Excessive strain could be the cause for all the problems you may be having, not to mention you might loose your balance and fall.

To check your reach, stand in front of the window. Without actually touching the glass, take your squeegee in hand and wave it over the entire window to see if you can reach it with one even swipe. If it feels comfortable, proceed with cleaning. If the entire window cannot be reached, you may need a bigger ladder, an extension pole, or will need to clean it in small sections at a time. Unless you’ve had a lot of practice using an extension pole, you should stick to doing the window in small sections.

Water Trails

window cleaning troubleshooting

Problem: Water trailing the tip of the squeegee.

Reason 1: The end of the rubber blade may be curving upwards in the channel.

Solution: Remove the rubber blade and try adjusting the brass end clips. They may need to be moved further out towards the end of the rubber, just a hair. The rubber blade should be straight and flat all the way across the channel.

Reason 2: There could be too much water at the end of the rubber.

Solution: Wipe the rubber blade with a window cleaning towel. Do this with every pass.

Reason 3: When in use, the squeegee might not have the right angle.

Solution: The squeegee needs to have the right angle in order for the water to channel off properly. Follow the using a squeegee link for the proper technique.

Reason 4: The squeegee is pulling too much water from the starting edges.

Solution: Wipe all the edges of the window with a window cleaning towel before you start to squeegee the water off.

Water Lines

window cleaning troubleshooting

Problem: Water lines appear with every pass.

Reason 1: There is a cut or nick in the rubber or the rubber is old and worn out.

Solution: Look straight down the rubber blade or run your finger along the edge looking and feeling for any cuts, cracks or nicks. If one is found, try flipping over the rubber or just replace it with a new one. If the edge of the rubber blade looks old, rounded and smooth, replace it.. Link?

Reason 2: There may be dirt, lint or other debris caught under the rubber blade.

Solution: Use a window cleaning towel to wipe the blade clean before each pass.

Reason 3: The window may not be wet enough for the amount of dirt and debris on the glass.

Solution: Look closely at the water on the window. If it looks muddy, particles can get trapped under the rubber as you squeegee across the glass. Re-wash the window again. Use extra water to rinse and flush away as much dirt as possible.

Squeegee Lines

window cleaning troubleshooting

Problem: You find a line in the middle of the window that is the same size as the squeegee.

Reason 1: If the squeegee stops in the middle of the pass, it will leave a line.

Solution: Keep a continuous, non-stop pass all the way across the window. If the squeegee does stop for some reason, do not start it again at the same point, re-wet the window and start over.

Reason 2: A single line will also form if the squeegee is started in the middle of the window.

Solution: Always start the squeegee with an edge and finish at an edge.

Chatter Marks

window cleaning troubleshooting

Problem: The squeegee starts to chatter or bounce as you squeegee across the glass.

Reason 1: If you get chattering the squeegee may be up too high on the dry portion of the glass.

Solution: Try to keep the squeegee channel not more than 3 inches over onto the dry portion of glass when you make your second pass. If the squeegee channel is to long, you should switch to a smaller length.

Reason 2: The water on the glass may be evaporating faster than it can be squeegeed off.

Solution: Re-wet the glass with more water.

Reason 3: Sometimes if the rubber blade is worn down, it can cause chattering.

Solution: Replace the old rubber blade with a brand new one.

Wide Streaks

window cleaning troubleshooting

Problem: Wide streaks appear after a single pass with the squeegee.

Reason 1: The squeegee might be pressed against the glass too hard with each pass.

Solution: Relax your grip a little and pull the squeegee across the glass with a lighter amount of pressure.

Reason 2: A section of the water on the glass has dried before it was squeegeed.

Solution: A partially dried window will streak every time. Just re-wet the glass with more window cleaning solution and squeegee it again. Tip: The sun and wind will cause a wet window to dry out faster.

Reason 3: These types of streak can also be caused from an old or worn out squeegee rubber.

Solution: Replace the old rubber blade with a brand new one.

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