Grease Film on the Windows

I have grease film on the windows in a house that had no oven vent for many years. This grease film on the windows refuses to come off. I'm tired of wearing my arms out only to have this evident film still mocking me. When it comes to grease film on the windows, what do you recommend using to get it off?

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Removing Oven Grease off Windows
by: Ray Croskrey

Removing oven grease off windows can be a frustrating challenge. I find that oven grease has a strong love affair with glass and does not want to be removed easily. The product that I like to use is called Sani-Scrub. It is a liquid paste and works great for removing oven grease off windows.

I use a four step process as follows. First, I wet the window with hot soapy water. Second, I apply a glob of Sani-Scrub to a wet rag and scrub the entire window. Third, rinse the Sani-Scrub off the glass using hot soapy water and a squeegee. For the final step, I clean the window using my normal window cleaning techniques.

And that my friend is the process I use for removing oven grease off windows.

Here is a link where you can find the great Sani-Scrub.


Grease on Windows
by: Anonymous

I found over the years many stubborn windows, Hard water spots, Pollution stains, corrosion haze and cloudiness. We use Winsol Crystal Clear 550. As long as the issue is not between the two panes of glass and it's on the outside this stuff will restore even the most stubborn window to new condition. I highly recommend it.

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