How Often Should I Clean My Windows?

by Lynne Fiscelli
(Shelby Township, MI)

Pane View Window Cleaning

Pane View Window Cleaning

How Often Should I Clean My Windows? Pane View customers ask us that question all the time.

Well that depends! I know that’s not the answer you were looking for but it’s not a simple answer.

At Pane View Window Cleaning we work a little different. We will work to the schedule you prefer but will also provide an honest recommendation based on the location, condition and environmental factors that impact your windows glass and window frames.

Washing windows is one of those tasks most home and business owners like the least, and as a result, often put off. Having clean windows not only gives your home or business appearance a quick boost, it lets in more light, cutting down on energy costs in the winter. It also prevents the buildup of grime, prolonging the life of your windows and preventing you from having to replace them sooner.

The Glass Association Of North America recommends cleaning windows at least twice per year at a minimum. We do have annual customers that only require a cleaning once a year but those are rare.

In most cases we do not recommend this as it will deteriorate your glass, and framing sooner. Which means you will be replacing your windows sooner.

Most residential customers fall in between twice and year and quarterly. Commercial window cleaning schedules really depend of a number of factors as you will see but somewhere between Bi-weekly and Quarterly window cleaning is about right.

At the minimum Semi-annual cleaning keeps build-up in check and also allows the window cleaner to inspect your windows frequently enough to identify potential concerns (broken window seals, chipped glass, hard water spots from the sprinklers, etc.) before they become actual issues.

If you live in an area where there is a lot of ice and snow, near the lake or in windy area, have high pollen counts or strong storms with rain and or snow the cleaning is more frequent. Other situations that change this semi-annual window washing model are being located close to factories that put out dirty emissions, or in a new construction neighborhood. In all of these situations the advised window cleaning schedule is every 2 to 3 months.

Remember: Window cleaning frequency should be a combination of your personal preference and more importantly the environmental conditions where you reside. Location does matter. If your home or business is close to the water like Grosse Pointe, St Clair Shores or New Baltimore the lake effect weather will have an impact. More industrial areas like Warren, Clinton Township, Mount Clemens and Sterling Heights will be affected more by the emissions.

Some home and business owners want their windows to sparkle – 100% clean and free of any spot, dirt and debris! If this sounds like your preference your window cleaning schedule would be monthly, semi-monthly, or at minimum quarterly, at least on the outside. This is very common schedule in markets like Troy, Shelby and Macomb Township where building has begun to pick up again and dust is everywhere. We also see this in communities like Bloomfield Hills, Rochester and Rochester Hills where large homes with a high number of custom window configurations are common, all that glass is great but you need to maintain it.

If you can’t remember the last time your windows were cleaned, you can hardly see through the glass or maybe they are just foggy – it’s time to give Pane View a call or request a quote at

So…How often should you clean your windows?

Here are our Recommendations:

Residential Windows: 2 – 6 times per year. Depending on the environment.
Restaurants: Every 1 or 2 Weeks
Retail Stores (High Traffic): Every 2 or 4 weeks.
Office / Retail Stores (Low Traffic): Every 4 or 8 weeks.
Office Building Lobbies: Every 4 or 8 weeks.
Entire Office Buildings: 2 times per year.

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